Bees, Honey and Apiary Supplies


Located in Franklin, NC we are family owned and operated. Farming has been a family business for decades. Farming and honeybees have been a passion of the family since my father and brother were young men. While the family may no longer grow and sell produce, we do raise and sell honeybees. We strive to support local farmers, fellow beekeepers, and our communities with pollination, top-quality nucs, packages and an assortment of bee keeping supplies.



Our hives are made using Southern Yellow Pine and/or White Pine. We assemble all our components (hive bodies, frames, top feeders, telescoping tops and bottom boards) in our work shop. As we buy items in bulk to care for our own bees, we can typically provide better prices for supplies than you will get from the much larger bee keeping supply companies. Discounts are offered for large orders.


Both are available in early spring. A NUC comes in a disposable box and contains 5 frames with a mated queen. It is a small working bee hive. A 3lb package contains 3 lbs of bees with a mated queen. No frames are included and the package is in a disposable box. All orders require a $50 non-refundable deposit and are filled in the order they are received.


Unassembled/Assembled Boxes, Frames & Foundation, Telescoping Tops, Bottom Boards, Inner Covers, etc.

Inside/Top Feeders. Smokers & Hive Tools, Medication/Treatments & Feeding Supplies (Sugar Water, Pollen Patties).




  • Gentle and easy to manage (a good “beginner bee”)
  • Prolific brood producers
  • Highly hygienic
  • Good comb builders
  • Excellent foragers
  • Excellent honey producers


  • A good choice for colder climates
  • More likely to forage on cool, wet days than other bees
  • Quick to brood up when nectar is available
  • Excellent honey producers


  • Excellent honey production
  • Good wintering ability
  • Selected for increased varroa tolerance and resistance to brood diseases
  • Show increased hygienic behavior
Bees, Honey and Beekeeping Supplies

What We Sell

Honey Bees

Our bee colonies include the Italian, Carniolan & a Saskatraz hybrid.


We sell in bulk, by the gallon or by the barrel.

Beekeeping Supplies

Nucs, frames, smokers, pollen and much more...

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One bee has to fly about 90,000 miles – three times around the globe – to make one pound of honey.